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Intimate women’s health

Vaginal flora makes the most important natural protection of women urogenital infections. It is composed of “good” microorganisms, including lactobacilli dominate, creating unfavorable conditions for the growth and development of pathogens.

In newborns vaginal flora is sterile, or very soon after birth inhabited by different strains of microorganisms, such as staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli and lactobacilli. All the micro-organisms living in line with each other and maintain the health of the vaginal mucosa, with a slightly acidic pH of between 4 and 4.5, and protects against pathogenic bacteria or fungi.

Imbalance of vaginal microflora opens the way for the development of urogenital infections

Exposure to stress, frequent change of partners, use of antibiotics, local contraceptive spermicides, aggressive hygiene, hormonal changes in menopause, pregnancy, and the presence of diabetes, impaired immunity as well as other factors, can reduce the quality of the vaginal microflora. Although the imbalance of vaginal microflora is not a disease, opens the way for the development of urogenital infections, and frequent infections are associated with the development of urological diseases.

Worldwide, about 300 million women a year are diagnosed with some urogenital infections, and only 30-40% of women have a healthy vaginal flora. The women, at any age, at risk of urogenital infections. Usually there is a bacterial vaginosis, vaginal candidiasis or trichomoniasis.

By the 19th year, every fourth girl has problems with vaginal discharge. The incidence of bacterial vaginosis in women who did not have a ratio of 18%, while in the sexually active women is about 28%.

Pregnant women, as a particularly vulnerable group, have increased risk of repeated urogenital infections, which can contribute to the development of complications or premature birth. Therefore, it is very important that women in this period of his life maintains healthy vaginal microflora as a natural defense against genital infections.

Women of childbearing age often have a disrupted vaginal flora, which contributes to the repetition of infections and complications, including the development of infertility.

In postmenopausal women have thinned the vaginal mucosa and reduced amount of protective substances and acid-producing lactobacilli to protect. The consequence of urogenital infections are common to a series of subjective unpleasant problems, especially if the secondary infection develops.

Any inflammation of the urogenital tract requires a gynecological examination, treatment and a lot of patience, but with the proper approach is not an unsolvable problem. The usual treatment of bacterial vaginosis appropriate medication is very effective, but the disease returns because of disturbed microflora. Bacterial vaginosis is repeated in 15-30% of cases already in the first three months after treatment, and after a long period of almost 50% of women have the same symptoms. With treatment of acute infection, it is important to recover the vaginal flora.

Preserving the balance of vaginal microflora is extremely important for the treatment and prevention of vaginal infections

The simplest, and also the most effective means to restore the vaginal flora is to raise the amount of lactobacilli oral probiokulturama. At the same time, technology is making capsules must protect microorganisms while passing through the digestive system and probiotic strains must be selected to the effect that we want to get. Therefore probiokulturu should carefully select and use long enough to stabilize vaginal flora and also help in preventing repeat infections.

Research has shown that a probiotic strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus in a capsule form, by mouth, very efficiently establish and maintain the vaginal microflora balance and reduces the incidence of recurrent infections. Oral taking these probiokulture simply and conveniently any age women. In particular it is acceptable for pregnant women and girls in whom the treatment should not be performed with conventional therapy.

The combination of probiotics and cranberry united in the fight against vaginal infections

A common cause of bacterial vaginosis is Escherichia coli. Cranberry, thanks proantocijanima type A, inhibits the binding of the bacteria to the mucous membranes of the urogenital system and thus prevents the development of infection, while probiotic bacteria restore vaginal microflora and its metabolic products maintain the acidic pH of the vaginal secretions and vaginal environment make it inappropriate for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Oral preparations based probiotics are recommended in recurrent vaginal infections in weakened immune system, and following antibiotic therapy or other drugs that affect the quality of the vaginal microflora.

Responsible sexual behavior and orderly life and hygiene habits are the basis of preserving the intimate health of women, and probiotics that contain specific strains of lactobacilli are an indispensable aid in these efforts.

Urinary tract infections

How Are urinary tract infections (UTI)?

Did you know that urinary tract infections, respiratory later, represent the second most common infection? Studies have demonstrated that the causative agents of urinary tract infections in the highest percentage come from the colon, the bacteria E. coli, including.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections are:

  • frequent need to urinate
  • difficulty retaining urine
  • painful burning sensation
  • despite the sense of “urgency”, urination is minimal,
  • urine may have a milky or opaque appearance, even reddish if there is the presence of blood

Prevention, treatment, therapy

The most effective treatment of urinary tract infections is shown a combination of probiotics and antibiotics. Antibiotics are used in the first treatment stage. Suppress the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. In the second phase of treatment, we recommend the use of oral probiotics. Oral probiotics enable the establishment of normal intestinal and vaginal microflora and prevent relapse of fungal and bacterial infections.

Probiotics, the good bacteria, reduce the concentration of pathogens in the lower digestive tract tract partitions

Previously we mentioned that the majority of causes of urinary and vaginal infections comes from the colon. Simply cross the lining of the perineum, come to the vaginal mucosa and cause vaginal infections, and through the urethra coming into the bladder and cause urinary infection.

Probiotics, the good bacteria, in particular strains which inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of the lower partition (L.rhamnosus, L.acidophilus, L.rheuteri), the oral application, pass through the entire digestive tract and reducing the amount of pathogenic microorganisms in the large intestine.

How probiotics work?

Probiotics, even though applied in the form of pharmaceutical forms (tablets, capsules, powders) are live bacteria, lyophilization is processed by a special technique, so that all of their properties remain preserved. If administered orally, probiotics exert their effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, so do not go into the systemic circulation. Bind to the mucosa, proliferate, colonize, creating a physical barrier to the mucosa of alimentary tract which prevents the pathogenic Bacteria bind and retain. In addition, living microorganisms provide metabolic products (lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid) to make the pass colon acidic and unsuitable for the survival of pathogenic bacteria.

Pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli, due to higher concentrations of probiotic bacteria leave the thick pipe, and thus the concentration of urinary pathogens and vaginal infections significantly reduced.

Cranberry and probiotics in their activities complement

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of combinations of probiotics and cranberry in the prevention and treatment of infections of the urogenital tract. Cranberry contains the active ingredient, type A proanthocyanidin, which exhibits anti-adhesive properties. Binding the fimbriae of E. coli bacteria and preventing its binding to the mucosa of the urinary tract. Since proanthocyanidins absorbed from the digestive tract and are excreted in the urine, its effects can manifest in the bladder where urine retention longest.

Therefore, probiotics exert their effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract by creating a physical barrier to bind pathogens and their metabolic products create an acidic environment hostile to life pathogenic bacteria, while proanthocyanidins type A from cranberries to its anti-adhesive properties prevent binding and retention of E. coli.

Recommendations for preventing urogenital tract infections

  1. After or during antibiotic therapy, recommended the use of probiotic preparations and preparations based on cranberries. Preparations based on probiotics and cranberries can be used several times a year in order to maintain a healthy digestive tract flora that keeps us from excessive concentration of pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Hygiene is very important – to protect maokraćni channel of bacteria that are found around the anus, it is necessary to wash the genitals once a day with plain water, always before and after sexual intercourse.
  3. Drink plenty of water – bacteria grow in concentrated urine. If you take enough water (8 glasses a day) urine will remain diluted and the system flushed.
  4. Often empty the bladder (at intervals of 3 hours) – urinary retention can lead to bladder expansion and reduce the possibility of discharge. The remains of the urine can lead to infection.
  5. Rest.

Hyperpigmentation, redness and irritation

Repeated and prolonged exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes (pregnancy, contraceptives, menopause), causing inadequate cosmetics and perfume, as well as inflammation of the skin (acne, etc.), Can lead to reddening of the skin, skin irritation and increased production of melanin pigment being manifested by the appearance of dark spots on the skin, hyperpigmentation.

The pigment melanin can be disposed in the surface layer of skin, the epidermis and the deeper layer, the dermis, of which depends on the effectiveness and intensity of treatment of aesthetic problems. The most common forms hiperpigmenacija are: age spots, freckles and melasma.

Age spots are aesthetic anomaly that occurs in light skin types. The appearance of age spots only a natural manifestation of aging, but also the result of repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun throughout their lives. Various factors cause the pigments to accumulate some places, but because of the inefficient metabolism can be removed from the body. Age spots are most common on areas of the body exposed to the sun (upper side of the hands, forearms, face, cleavage).

The sunspots or efelide also belong to the aesthetic anomalies. The most commonly occur in people or bright red hair and pale skin. They are found in the nose, cheeks and forehead and rarely after cleavage, shoulders and upper arms, and appeared in early childhood. Efelide inherited. Usually the summer more pronounced due to the influence of UV radiation, while the paler in winter or even invisible.

Melasma is frequently updated pigmenatacije related to pregnancy, and simultaneous exposure to sunlight without protection from UV rays. In addition to pregnancy melasma can occur when taking the contraceptive pill and some other medications.

Cosmetic preparations containing the essential oils and substances which may act as a photosensitizer (in particular substance of plant origin), and after the application can sunlight cause hyperpigmentation. Perfumes can also cause hyperpigmentation on fotoeksponiranim areas and can connect them with pigmentation on the edges of the face and neck and area around the ears where most often and thicknesses.

Cleopatra bath with milk and honey

The ancient rituals of eternal beauty, and after more than two millennia represent inspiration and the basis of today’s cosmetic industry. The most popular myth of beauty is related to Cleopatra and her bath of milk and honey.

Milk contains more than 200 valuable ingredients, such as milk fat, protein and lactic acid. These ingredients are nutritious for the body, but also nourish the skin, vitalizes protective system and stimulate the regenerative capacity of the skin.
During binds moisture in the skin and thus protects it from excessive drying. In addition, honey contains vitamins and proteins similar to those that occur in the skin. During blood circulation stimulating the skin, and smooths wrinkles because it has a similar pH value of the skin.

Perfect therapy in the treatment of hyperpigmentation do not exist and it is common to use the cream for a long time in order to achieve appropriate results. If the hyperpigmentation is only in the epidermis, the surface layer of the skin, it is easier to treat and faster response patients. If pigmentation surgery deeper layers of the skin, the treatment is likely to last longer and will need several alternative forms of treatment.

In the treatment of hyperpigmentation compositions are used for bleaching with different active substances (retinoic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, hydroquinone and arbutin and vitamin C). In dermatological practices for therapeutic purposes can be used in chemical peels, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion skin, and laser therapy. With all of these treatments is very important strong protection from the sun, and people who are prone to hyperpigmentation must use photoprotection throughout the year.

For basic care, treatment hyperpigmented skin, treatment of irritated skin, redness of the skin, exceptional results that the active cosmetic ingredient LactokineTM fluid. Unlike other active cosmetic ingredients that are used for this purpose, Resend with laktokinom can be used throughout the day and after sun exposure.

Laktokin is obtained from milk. It contains valuable ingredients such as milk proteins, vitamins A, D, E, B2 and B12, folic acid and calcium. In addition, the most valuable ingredient laktokina activated signaling molecules – cytokines. Activated cytokines in contact with skin cells, accelerate the activity of cells and allows skin cells to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the external environment and significantly accelerate their regenerative ability.

Laktokin reduces melanin production, accelerates regenerative ability of skin cells and successfully removes hyperpigmented stains.
Effectively removes age spots, freckles incurred during and after pregnancy, after intensive sunbathing, as well as during hormonal contraceptive therapy.
Reduces the synthesis of inflammatory mediators prostaglandin E2 and removes redness of the skin caused by UV radiation
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
It removes the unwanted consequences of treatment of the skin with fruit acids
The environment in which everything changes quickly, where they expressed stressful factors, with a high degree of pollution, dictating high and effective daily skin protection. Effective Daily Protection strengthens the skin and allows it to quickly adapt to changes in the external environment.

Skin and hair – a mirror body

Caring for a healthy and beautiful body begins at the table because insufficient intake of food rich in vitamins leads to a general weakness of the body, and leaves a mark on the skin, hair and nails. Weak growth and cracking of hair, drying, redness and irritation of the skin, chapped lips and the occurrence of ulcers on the edges of the mouth and around the nose, and the breaking of the nails, the problems that we can solve significant adequate intake of vitamins.

Vitamins will help the skin to become brighter and more elastic, the nails to be stronger and hair that is softer and silkier.

Studies have shown that as many as 40% of cases of dermatitis result of insufficient intake of vitamin B group eating.

Antioxidants (beta carotene, vitamin C, E, selenium) provide protection against free radicals and it is considered that can slow the aging process.

Vitamin A maintains healthy epithelial tissue, and its deficiency can cause dry, flaky skin.

Vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of collagen (connective tissue) that is essential for healthy skin. Part of the antioxidant “Trio” (with vitamin E and beta carotene), which protects the skin from harmful effects of free radicals, which are known to damage skin cells. It is important for wound healing and scars and revitalizes the skin.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from harmful damage uzrokovanjih action of free radicals. Prevents damage to the skin and also strengthens the immune system.

Lifeline Vitalife carefully chosen formulation contains 13 vitamins and minerals 19, lutein and selenium.
Only one tablet per day Vitalife meet 100% of your daily requirement for vitamins and minerals.

Strengthens the immune system, improving the overall health and improves the structure of the hair, the more beautiful complexion and strength of nails.

Vitalife exerts a beneficial effect on the skin. Contains essential ingredients to help:

  • regulates the secretion of fat,
  • protects the skin from free radicals and ultraviolet rays,
  • prevents acne, eczema and hyperpigmentation,
  • and maintained the skin moisture content of collagen and elastin
  • the skin on the best natural way restores firmness, elasticity and radiance.

The positive effect Vitalife tablets are for people who are under stress and have problems with hair loss. Vitalife hair supplies essential nutrients to help:

  • strengthens the hair roots and hair structure,
  • regulates the secretion of sebum,
  • reduces brittle hair,
  • restores shine and flexibility, and
  • improves the general condition of the scalp.

Nails are an important indicator of an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body and eventually visibly react to their disadvantage. Vitalife nail supplying vitamins C, B and D, folic acid, iron, zinc and magnesium and in this way:

  • helps the growth and strengthening of nails,
  • restores their luster and čvstoću
  • reduces friability and disintegration nail.

Dry skin prone to eczema

Long winter period with unfavorable external factors, steam heating and insufficient consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to leave a mark on the skin and it becomes damaged and dehydrated. Dry skin is stretched thin, delicate and transparent. The pores are not visible, the skin is matte and dull, prone to blushing and peeling, cracking and very early occurrence of wrinkles. With it often comes tingling and itching. Dry skin is very sensitive to changes in temperature, wind, sun and chemical agents. Is characterized by reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. This is the reason that the skin is very deficient lipid layer, which also reduces the lipid barrier function of the skin.

Before the summer period and exposure to the sun, the skin is necessary to feed, rebuild balance hydrolipid layer of the skin and keep moist and elastic.

Lifeline® developed Linoderm® line phytocosmetics in order to provide the best total care of dry and sensitive skin, prone to allergies and eczema and fully satisfy its needs.

Linoderm® Collection Oil of evening primrose obtained by cold squeezing the seed of evening primrose. Evening primrose oil obtained by this method of extraction has excellent characteristics, excellent absorbed into the skin and exhibits pronounced anti-inflammatory actions, restores the barrier function of the skin, and reduces water loss.

After a month of use Linoderm® collection tightening and dryness can significantly reduce

Linoderm® formula thanks to the active components effectively penetrate the upper layers of the skin and restores the well organized layered structure of lipids in the skin. Linoderm® formula stops inflammation, and significantly reduces the transepidermal water loss. Reduces itching, tension and dryness of the skin, and flakes and cracks disappear.

Linoderm ®Mlijeko Body

comprising castor oil, oil of evening primrose and honey. Provides excellent skin hydration! Allows intensive regeneration, nutrition and recovery of dry, damaged and ekcemski altered skin, and ideal care of healthy skin. Thanks to the fact castor oil, eliminates the unpleasant feeling of dryness, tension and burning and restores skin elasticity and shine.

Linoderm Balm ® against eczema

is intended for the care of dry and sensitive skin and body care, skin care with dermatitis and eczema, as well as for the care of skin disorders in infants and young children. Balm is applied in a thin layer 2-3 times a day. It can be used along with corticosteroid therapy. Linoderm® balm soothes itching and flakes and cracks on the skin disappear, regenerates the skin and makes it smooth and soft. If used long enough (1-2 months) balm prevents recurrence of eczema.

Linoderm® Moisturizing Face Cream

its active ingredients nourishes, regenerates and nourishes extremely sensitive facial skin. It is intended for the care of extremely dry, normal and mature skin. Restores the surface layer of the skin, hydrates, finer wrinkles become less visible, refreshes the skin and protects it from external influences. It is suitable for the care of extremely sensitive skin, which is prone to allergies and eczema.

Anti Linoderm® spots and stains reduced melanin production, stimulates regenerative ability of skin cells and successfully removes stains hyperpigmented whether to age spots, freckles arising during pregnancy, after intensive sun exposure, or during hormonal contraceptive therapy. Linoderm thanks to the active components will remove the redness of the skin. It contains protective UV filters so that prevents skin aging and the formation of new stains. After 4 weeks of use treated areas become brighter, but it is recommended and longer use to prevent considering that this cream is completely harmless to healthy skin.

Linoderm collection is completely natural and harmless and can be used indefinitely and children.


Sun and age spots are harmless, but for the most superfluous and unwanted pigmentation disorder. It is a yellow-brown clusters, more or less intense color, which appear on sun-exposed areas of the body (usually surgery back of your hands, cheeks and nose and cleavage). They can also appear on the shoulders, back and other body parts.

Freckles are due to accumulation of melanin pigment in the surface layer of the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment responsible for skin color. The main role of melanin is to protect the deeper layers of the skin from the negative influence of ultraviolet rays.

In addition to sun and age spots, and we meet with pigmented spots that are the result of certain hormonal disorders in the use of oral contraceptives or during pregnancy. Spots resulting in pregnancy is, in most cases entail several months after birth. Sometimes, however, happen that there is no complete withdrawal and then recommend bleaching creams and skin peels.

Pigment spots can occur in menopause due to the reduced action of sex hormones, and in some diseases of the liver.

Lifeline has created a special cream in the framework of the collection Linoderm, for the treatment of hyperpigmented skin that can be used throughout the year!

Linoderm Anti tap

  • successfully removes hyperpigmented stains, whether they are age spots, freckles caused during pregnancy, after intensive sunbathing, or during hormonal contraceptive therapy!
  • Due to the active components Linoderm cream removes redness of the skin and is ideal for treatment of the skin after tanning. It contains protective UV filters to protect skin from harmful solar radiation during the daily exposure to the sun, slows down aging of the skin and prevents the appearance of new spots.
  • The cream has exceptional nutritional value of the skin, reducing the production of melanin and enhances the regenerative ability of skin cells

After 4 weeks of use surface treated Linoderm Anti spots become brighter, but it is recommended and longer use to prevent considering that this cream is completely harmless to healthy skin.