For frequent and recurrent urinary tract infections

Lifeline Balance line of dietary supplements with specific, clinically proven strains of probiotics intended for establishing and maintaining the health of the immune, gastrointestinal and urogenital system. Lifeline balance probiotics are for children and adults, pleasant taste and formulated to quickly establish the balance of natural flora.



Packing: 20 cps

Frequent and recurrent urinary infections

URO-balans® helps the health of the urinary tract through a two-pronged approach: Cranberry interfere with the bonding of uropathogens in the urinary tract, while beneficial bacteria restore intestinal and vaginal microflora and limit the risk of pathogen development.
Cranberry powder and probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Two capsules a day to drink with a full glass of water during your meal.
During and after the duration of infection 2 capsules daily are recommended for one month. For the purpose of prevention 1 capsule a day is recommended if needed. In addition to antibiotics, take the probiotic 2 hours after the antibiotic.

URO-balans / 20 cps Price: 14.08