Treatment of hemorrhoid

Vagitories with propolis and panthenol

Vagitorije sa propolisom

Packing: 5 vagitories

Intimate care for women
Vagitories with propolis, marigold, panthenol and vitamin E

The preparation is intended for:
• Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and epithelial effects
• Mitigate inflammatory changes accompanied by inflammation and increased secretion
• Wound healing and stimulation of cervical epithelialization
• Mitigation of changes in vaginal mucosa in menopause (vaginal dryness)

Vagitories contain a propolis extract with a standardized amount of 6 polyphenols (apigenin, chrysin, galangin, pinocembrin, pinobanskin, quercetin). The polyphenolic complex exerts antimicrobial activity on pathogenic bacteria and prevents the development of fungi, while also stimulating the activity of good bacteria. Calendula oil, panthenol and vitamin E have epithelial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Usage: Put one vagitory deep into the vagina before going to bed.
Precautions: Use is not recommended for pregnant women or persons allergic to any of the ingredients of the preparation.
Interactions: Drug interactions have not been described with this route of administration.

Vagitorije sa propolisom i pantenolom / 5 vagitorija Price: 6.78

Herbarektal suppositories

Herbarektal supozitorije

Packing: 5 suppositories

Hemorrhoids treatment

Herbal suppositories with cantarion, fish oil, wild chestnut, hamamelis and essential oil for alleviating the hardships caused by the hemorrhoids
5 suppositories
Cosmetics with special purpose

The preparation is intended for: Mitigation of inflammatory changes accompanied by burning and itching in people who are presumed to be hemorrhoids. The preparation may affect healing of the wounds and stimulation of the epithelization of the rectal mucosa.

Effect: Herbal components harden the walls of the blood vessels and prevent their further spread and cracking, they are anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive and cause a pleasant feeling of cooling thanks to the essential oil of the honey.

Method of administration: Put one suppository deep into the rectum before bedtime.

Herbarektal supozitorije / 5 kom Price: 4.33

Herbarektal ointment

Herbarektal mast

Packing: 20 g

Treatment of hemorrhoids
For relieve the problems caused by the hemorrhoids

Herbal ointment with the addition of Peruvian balm, chamomile oil and St. John wort to alleviate the problems caused by the hemorrhoids.

Purpose: Herbarektal ointment due to Peruvian balm is antiseptic and epithelial. Helps in treating and healing external hemorrhoids, when itching in the anal area, it alleviates unpleasant problems such as pain and baking.

Method of application: Herbarektal ointment is applied to the pure skin and mucous membranes in a thin layer 1-2 times a day for 7 days.

Precautions: The use is not recommended if you are allergic to any of the fat’s ingredients. Product should not be used for more than 7 days.

Herbarektal mast / Price: 7.58

Suppositories with calendula oil

Supozitorije neven
Supozitorije neven

Packing: 5 suppositories

Hemorrhoids treatment

1 suppository contains 30% of calendula oil
5 suppositories
Cosmetics with special purpose

The preparation is recommended for: Mitigating inflammatory changes accompanied by burning and itching in people who are assumed to be hemorrhoids. It can affect healing of wounds and stimulation of epithelization of rectal mucosa.

Composition: Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Cera Alba, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitan Oleate, BHT.

Action: Calendula oil in suppositories is used to improve wound healing and rapid epithelialization of damaged skin and mucous membranes. It works against inflammation.

Method of administration: Put one suppository deep into the rectum before bedtime.

5 supozitorija / Price: 5.06

Comfrey gel

Gavez gel

Packing: 185 ml

It helps with swelling, hematoma, fractures and sports injuries

Comfrey gel with the addition of chestnut, eucalyptus and menthol extract pleases cold and helps with swelling and hematomas, in the treatment of stretching and spraying, sports injuries and posttraumatic conditions. As an anti-inflammatory agent it helps after bite the insect. It improves epithelization, drainage and tissue regeneration in injuries in which the skin is undamaged.

Apply in a thin layer 2 times a day to undamaged skin.
It is recommended to use for 10 days. After a short break, treatment can be repeated.

Pakovanje / 185 ml Price: 7.79

Tiger’s ointment

Tigrova mast

Packing: 20 g

Massage ointment for muscles and joints paint relief

Etar oils of eucalyptus and cloves, menthol and camphor warm the surface of the skin, improve circulation and reduce the pain. A slight redness and a feeling of warmth are normal and do not cause a break in the therapy.
Massage well by circular movements to a painful place 2-4 times a day. Painfull place can be covered with a woolen fabric in order to incerease the feeling of heat.

Tigrova mast / 20 g Price: 5.91

Castor oil

Ricinusovo ulje

Packing: 100 ml

Relieves constipation
(virgin, cold pressed oil)

Castor oil, if it drinks, thanks to ricinoleic acid exhibits antiapsorptive action and helps with constipation. The oil has a pleasant taste and smell of cinnamon.
By applying to the skin, due to high vitamin E content, it facilitates skin hydration.
If it is rubbed into the scalp, the hair gives a healthy appearance, glow, improves the density and promotes growth.

To achieve a laxative effect, adults can drink 10-20 g of oil (1-1.5 large spoonfuls) before eating unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

Ricinusovo ulje / 100 ml Price: 5.21

Suppositories with St. John’s Wort oil


Packing: 5 suppositorries

Hemorrhoids treatment

Suppositories with St. John’s Wort oil is recommended for the alleviation of inflammatory changes accompanied by burning and itching in patients where exists a presumption that it is hemorrhoids. The medicine affects the healing of sores and stimulate epithelialization of the rectal mucosa.

Suppositories / 5 suppositorries Price: 4.4

Vaginal suppositories with 5 plants


Packing: 5 suppositories

Intime health care

Vaginal suppositories plant extracts are applied in inflammatory processes accompanied by irritation and increased secretion of vaginal discharge, excessive menstrual bleeding, changes in the mucous membrane of the cervix, as well as changes in the vaginal mucosa in menopausal women.

Vagitorije 5 biljanka / 5 vagitorija Price: 4.1

Vaginal suppositories St. John’s Wort oil


Packing: 5 suppositories

Intime health care

Vaginal suppositories St. John’s Wort oil is recommended for the alleviation of inflammatory changes accompanied by increased secretion of vaginal secretions, for the healing of minor sores and epithelization of the mucous membrane of the cervix, and relieve vaginal mucosa changes caused by menopause or hormone imbalance conditions.

Vagitorije sa kantarionovim uljem / 5 suppositories Price: 3.95

Herbarektal cream


Packing: 20 g

Hemorrhoids treatment

Herbal cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids with the addition of fish oil, St. John’s wort, chestnut, witch hazel and essential oils of peppermint.
Herbal extracts cure the walls of blood vessels, preventing their further spreading and cracking. Creates a pleasant cooling sensation, acting anti-inflammatory and accelerate the healing of rectum mucosa.
Herbarektal is recommended for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids as well as for the treatment of anal fissures. Herbarektal cream has no side effects and is safe for use in children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Herbarektal / 20 g Price: 7.32

Nobol gel

Nobol gel

Packing: 50ml

Massage gel for muscles and joints pain relief

⦁    Nobol gel is a massage gel with aloe and MSM infection to relieve pain in joints and muscles. Recommended for sports injuries, stiffness and pain in joints and muscles. The gel is applied in a circular motion 3-4 times a day to the painful areas. Apply only on healthy skin. For lubrication is necessary to squeeze 2 cm gel.
⦁    It has a mild mint smell.
⦁    Contains aloe, MSM, menthol and camphor.
It is used for ultrasound therapy.

Nobol gel / 50 ml Price: 9.15

Nobol cream


Packing: 50 ml

Relieve pain in 5 minutes

Massage cream for aching muscles and joints
⦁    Effective against all muscle and joints pain
⦁    Local anti-rheumatic and analgetic with glucosamine and MSM
⦁    The effects are already visible 5 min after administration
Nobol cream acts locally. It quickly reaches the analgetic effect of temporary duration. It is used for arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, strains, sprains, aching tendons, pain in the shoulder, neck and foot.
Most people feel the effects of Nobol cream 5 minutes after application.
Nobol cream is applied only to healthy skin, in thin layer, 2-3 times a day.
If necessary it can be applied more frequently (up to 8 times).
Menthol as a local antiseptic and anesthetic to the skin without causes a cooling sensation and transient pain insensitivity.
Topical methyl salicylate acts as an anti-rheumatic.
Alantoin in Nobol cream promotes skin regeneration in painful positions and prevents it from drying out.
Glucosamine and MSM applied locally act as skin conditioners.
Provide faster and deeper penetration of active principles to the point of action.
People who are allergic to any ingredient in creams as well as individuals who are allergic to salicylates is recommended to use creams with caution.

Nobol krem / Price: 9.06



Packing: 185 ml

Anti-rheumatic gel

Reumal anti-rheumatic gel, containing camphor and menthol.It is applied to the painful area in a circular motion in a thin layer, if necessary. First, it cools the area and then heats it intensely and eliminates the strongest rheumatic pain. Reumal can be used in all forms of muscle pain, so we also recommend it for sports injuries.
To whom and when it is recommended?
⦁    for gentle massage with rheumatic disorders
⦁    for muscle pain
⦁    in sports injuries
It is applied only to intact skin and it should not come in contact with eyes.

Reumal / Price: 6.8