Kartica povjerenja 4+1

Trust card 4 + 1

After purchasing 4 Lifeline dietetic products 5 product you get for FREE!

When shopping Lifeline dietary products in the pharmacy, you will receive a card confidence 4 + 1
To get listed on the product, you need to buy 4 dietetic products, at the pharmacy, where you bought the first product.
Spend pharmacist will confirm the stamp and signature.
Be sure to keep receipts as proof of purchase!
After purchasing a 4-th product, filled out a card with the attached accounts submit to a drug store / pharmacy that issued the card and get 5 FREE product.

Download cards is possible only in pharmacies.
The card is valid for five months from the date of the first purchase.
The card is valid only if all fields are correct.
If in the market there is a common packaging two or more products, such purchase is meant as a purchase of a product.

Customer acknowledges that his data may be used for marketing purposes.