Actual action offer

 „JUAS apoteka Hadžići“ Sarajevo –  03.10.2019. 12-16h

„JUAS apoteka Impotranne“ Sarajevo – 03.10.2019. 12-16h

„JUAS apoteka Ilidža“ Sarajevo –  04.10.2019. 12-16h

 „JUAS apoteka Ilijaš“ Sarajevo – 04.10.2019. 12-16h

„Gradska apoteka Tuzla, ap. Slatina“ Tuzla –  07.10.2019. 10-14h

„IBN Sina, ap. Sjenjak“ Tuzla – 08.10.2019. 10-14h

 „Pharmacom, ap. Slatina“ Tuzla –  09.10.2019. 10-14h

„Herbafarm 3“ Brčko – 08.10.2019. 10-14h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Mercator“ Banja Luka –  16.10.2019. 12-15h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Sava“ Gradiška –  16.10.2019. 13-16h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Petrićevac“ Banja Luka –  17.10.2019. 11-14h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Bulevar“ Banja Luka –  17.10.2019. 17-20h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Lauš“ Banja Luka –  18.10.2019. 11-14h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Kočićev vijenac“ Banja Luka –  19.10.2019. 09-13h

„Moja apoteka, ap. Centralna apoteka“ Doboj –  28.10.2019. 10-13h

„Medex Pharm“ Banovići – 05.11.2019. 10-13h

Free measuring vitamin and mineral status

State of the art technologies based on quantum medicine using magnetic resonance imaging and measuring frequency electromagnetic pulse of the body – detects and analyzes information on the physical and mental state of the organism, which may indicate a

diseases long before they manifest themselves on a physical level. The human body is composed of a large number of cells that continually grow, develop, differentiate and die, but also continually regenerate through their own division.
During the process of cell division and growth, nuclei generate live on our basic cell, a super-fast electrons outside the core in the constant changes by a steady transmission of electromagnetic waves.
These waves that our body emits the status indicator of the body and differ from state to state in comparison: healthy, less healthy, diseased, etc. If we are able to read these electromagnetic wave signals,
we can “read” the state of our body. Quantum (quantum) medicine believes that the basis for any disease just changes the frequency of these outside jezgarskih cellular electrons, which cause changes in the level of atoms, then in biomolecules,
changes in the cell and finally to